July 22, 2008

Most of this blog's entries have been kidnapped...

...by The International Society of Supervillains.

July 8, 2007

Capsule Reviews for Comics I Bought on 7/6/07

To me, my ratings system!

Yeah! - A great comic all around. Definitely worth buying, just like this high-quality MW merchandise, available now! (Smoooth.)
Heh. - Pretty entertaining. Give it a read if you have a chance.
Eh? - Confusing. I'm not really sure if it's bad or good, honestly.
Meh. - Not particularly exciting.
Bleh. - Terrible.

All-Star Superman #8
I love this issue, if for no other reason than this one panel:

Apparently that one Bizarro guy speaks exclusively in sarcasm, which means that in all likelihood I am a Bizarro myself. In addition, the plot is full of cool, crazy ideas and the art is as pretty as ever. Just like every other issue of this series, it's a hell of a lot of fun, and it's the best Superman I've pretty much ever read. Rating: Yeah!

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #10
Just like pretty much every other Marvel book of the past month or so, this issue crosses over with the big punch-up known as World War Hulk, but instead of taking itself all super-seriously like some titles I won't name *cough*FrontLine*cough*, this one sort of serves as a parody of the whole thing. Here, the new Ant-Man finds himself inside the Hulk's digestive system, where everything is as indestructible as it is on the outside. It all seems a little shoehorned into the overall plot of the series, but it's a fun little diversion anyway. Rating: Heh.

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June 27, 2007

Ridiculous Band Names: Honorable Mentions

You may by now have seen the list of the 25 worst band names in rock history on the CRACKED.com humor web page site. I wrote it. But not all the bands I wanted to put on the list made the cut, so I thought that I'd include bands 26-30, just to make a few people angrier about how the explanation for how the band got its name (which I pulled off Wikipedia) is wrong.


The story: The band's drummer's last name was Fishman, and somehow that ended up turning into Phish. According to singer Trey Anastasio, they made the F a Ph as a "marketing ploy." Assholes!
Why it's ridiculous: Intentionally misspelling a word is bad enough, but making an "f" into a "ph" is the absolute worst. It’s like an inside joke that no one’s actually in on. Doing something like replacing an "s" with a "z" is simply retarded, but replacing an "f" with a "ph" carries this whole winking, faux-intelligent veneer of unabashed wankery that pretty much exemplifies this band, which is basically one big wank itself. Phuck them.

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June 22, 2007

The best thing I have seen in some time.

I'm not usually one to post videos from the national internets on my humorous weblog site, but I thought this warranted it: the dramatic chipmunk.

Simply astonishing.


June 19, 2007

An MW-ISB Crossover Event!

So I spent a good portion of my day Saturday upholding my annual tradition of attending Heroes Con with some friends. I wouldn't mention it, except for the fact that I had the opportunity to meet CrayonMaster Extraordinaire Chris Sims there, and he drew me this kickass picture of Captain America crying:

It's the ice cream cone that really makes it, I think.

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June 12, 2007

So, anyone watch the Sopranos finale?

So after a couple of days of thinking it over and reading just about everything I can find to see what people thought about the final episode of "The Sopranos," I've decided that the general consensus that you either love it or hate it is kind of wrong. Because I'm really pretty ambivalent about it.

The episode, and really this whole season, in my estimation, was alternatingly baffling and brilliant. The smash cut to black at the end of the finale, which seems to be the only thing anyone can talk about for some reason, seemed altogether appropriate. More about that later. But as for the episode as a whole, didn't things seem to move...kind of fast?

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